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Can You Read This

Promoting Literacy and Literacy Awareness

public charity status:  170(b)(1)(A)(vi)


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Learning. Teaching. Sharing.

We love learning. We know that we can learn from you and that by being open to the exchange of ideas we help each other grow.

We love teaching. We know that by teaching literacy skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening we can make better sense of our own experiences, strengthen our commuinity and make the world a better place.

We love sharing. Can You Read This is our answer to promote literacy and to build a bridge for anyone who desires to become more literate. To achieve this, we match Literacy Partners-a one on one partnership, a mentor program customized to specific and personalized needs. 

 We would love for you to join us. 

I would like to improve my literacy skills. I want to read better.

I would like to become a Literacy Partner.  I love reading and have time to share. 

I would like to support literacy.

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

                                                 -Frederick Douglass

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